United Pipeline Services AS’s personnel have had the offshore market as the main focus within pipe/corrosion related work back in the 90s and started Epoxy Textile Lining in 2005. The UniPiSe start-up in 2014 focuses on its own products and is in the process of developing new solutions and methods that are specifically customized to the market in the oil industry.


Renovation of pipes on offshore installations

It is often a very expensive process to replace pipes that are damaged or corroded on offshore installations.

In addition to shutdown, the replacement often requires significant and time consuming intervention in structures. While this work is in progress, processing plants must often be closed with the additional costs this entails.

The United Pipeline Services business idea is to offer renovation of existing pipes by attaching a flexible «stocking» to the inside of the worn out or damaged pipes. This stocking is called a Textile liner, and is added to a two-component epoxy blend that allows the liner to get good adhesion to existing pipe wall. The result is a new sliding surface with less friction that compensates for lost inner diameter. Thickness of the liners usually ranges from 1 – 5 mm (1 «- 42») depending on the type of pipe and dimension. This type of solution has been used for pipe systems (No-Dig) for a number of years. Our technology has made it possible to use the Textile Liner on pipes that are demanding to dismantle / remount in the offshore industry.

This technology is now also used for new pipes (spools) in pre-fab., which extends the life of spools and prevents corrosion / galvanic corrosion. This means that carbon steel can be used instead of other high alloys such as titanium. The textile liner is also used on high alloys to avoid galvanic corrosion between metals. One of the company’s most important areas of focus is therefore to offer renewal of pipes on oil platforms and other offshore installations where HSE and KS are very important – and operating costs are expensive.



 UniPiSe delivers solutions offshore for:

• LQ

• Spools

• Drain

• Ballast water

• Produced water

• Firewater

• Helideck

• Seawater

• Caisson


UniPiSe does everything from inspection, design and implementation to final documentation for our customers.

Why Lining?

• Cost effective

• Quick solution

• Avoids removal of implemented and built-in structures

• Avoiding pipeline replacement


Durable – Long life Corrosion resistant

• Eliminates galvanic corrosion

• Prevents oxidation

• Can use less expensive steel quality Maintains pipe capacity

• Minimal reduction of pipe diameter

• Friction decreases in relation to corroded pipes Protection over the raised-face

• Top-Hat solution