Land-based pipe renewal without digging (NoDig)

It is often a time-consuming and expensive process to change bad or defective pipes. In addition to the shutdown in the piping system, roads, buildings, constructions or nature (buried pipes) must often be taken into account. Our business idea is to offer renovation of existing pipes. The advantage of such a solution gives faster project execution and thus shorter operational shutdowns. In addition, the total cost will be significantly lower. Both complexity and time consumption are thus significantly reduced.


How does our solution work? Using compressed air we install a stocking in the pipes to be renovated. The stocking, also known as a liner, is saturated with our specially developed epoxy mix. When installed, it is flexible and closely follows the curves of the existing pipe. Bend and branching on the pipes also do not create any problems. When the stocking is in place, it is cured with hot water or steam under pressure. The result is a new reinforced tube. The stocking is only a few millimeters thick, so the inner diameter of the pipe is minimized. We also supply thick liners if there is a requirement for rigidity. The new pipe also has a smooth surface that makes the flow of liquid in practice just as good as when the pipes were new.

New purposes

This NoDig method has been used for waste drainage renovation for a number of years. New technology means that the applications have recently grown significantly. One of the company’s most important areas of focus is therefore to offer renewal of pipes and nozzles on oil platforms and other offshore installations where HSE and KS are very important – and shut down costs are expensive. Norwegian municipalities are also an important target group for the company, and we can offer these a wide range of services related to the renovation of water and drainage pipes. We also carry out everything from inspection, design and implementation to final documentation for our customers.


Why Lining?

• Cost effective

• Quick solution

• Avoids removal of implemented and built-in structures

• Avoiding pipeline replacement

Durable – Long life

• Corrosion resistant

• Eliminates galvanic corrosion

• Prevents oxidation

• Can use less expensive steel quality Maintains pipe capacity

• Minimal reduction of pipe diameter • Friction decreases in relation to corroded pipes Protection over the raised-face

• Top-Hat solution


We renovate piping systems quickly, efficiently and cost-effective!