We renovate pipes, fast, affordable and robust!

It is often a time-consuming and expensive process to replace worn out pipes. In addition to operational shutdown, it is often made significant interventions in buildings, like living quarters, structures etc. While this work is in progress, (production) facilities must also be closed down with all the costs that this entails.

United Pipeline Services’ business idea is to offer renovation of existing pipes. The advantage of such a solution is faster project execution and thus a shorter downtime. In addition, the total cost will be significantly lower.


How does our solution work? Using compressed air we install a textile/felt liner in the pipes to be renovated. The liner is saturated with our specially developed epoxy resin. When installed, it is flexible and closely follows the curves of the existing pipe. Bend on the pipes also creates no problem.

When the liner is in place, it is cured by hot water or steam under pressure. The result is a new rigid tube. The liner is only a few millimeters thick, so the inner diameter of the pipe is minimized. The new pipe also has a smooth surface which minimizes the friction and increase the flow. The renovated pipes will be just as good as when the pipes were new.

New purposes

This method has been used for the renovation of drainage pipes for a number of years. New technology means that the applications have recently grown significantly. One of the company’s most important areas of focus is therefore to offer renewal of pipes, nozzles and lamination of tanks, wrapping of deluge pipes at offshore installations where safety is most important – and shutdown is expensive. Other areas of focus are spools and caisson in prefabrications.


The advantage of our technology:

  • Quickly – Shorter downtime is money saved
  • Affordable – renovation at lower cost than installing new pipes
  • Robust – the new pipes «perform» almost the same as new pipes

Our technology can be used at:

  • Most materials and alloys
  • Both horizontal and vertical pipes
  • Pipes with up to 90 degrees bend
  • Pipe solutions with customized branching

We have approved products for:

  • Pipes on oil platforms and other offshore installations
  • Drinking water and drainage pipes
  • High Temperature areas.


On our Facebook page you can also take a look at a video describing this technology:

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