United Pipeline Services (UniPiSe) is a highly specialized company using state-of-art techniques, solutions and equipment to investigate, diagnose and implement pipe-and tank renewal solutions  primarily for offshore applications.

The combination of UniPiSe`s unique skills, specialized focus, and a refined methodology allows us to deliver solid, concise service at every project and engagement.

All our products and systems are developed in close cooperation with oil companies operating in the North Sea. We are normally called upon when existing solutions/systems are not adequate or are not working in accordance with pre-defined requirements. Our team of engineers will then work in close cooperation with the operational people on a particular platform or a plant to assist in providing the most cost effective products -and processes for specific applications. We also, from time to time perform various types of customized testing to ensure that the recommended solution works as specified.

All our products and systems have been thoroughly tested by third-party authorities according to the latest industry -and international standards.

With our solution you can replace expensive high alloy steels (like super duplex, titanium etc.) with much cheaper materials without sacrificing essential characteristics of the finished product.

However, the real benefits are achieved on existing facilities when lining is used instead of replacing the pipe. In some cases we have seen that the cost of rehabilitation is only one-tenth of pipe replacement. The cost reduction depends of course on the complexity (number of bends, pipe-routing arrangements etc.) but with our method where we can line very complex pipe configurations (multiple bends, tees etc.) savings will be significant in any case, as long as rehabilitation

is an option.

And with todays focus on cost, this is of interest in particular to companies in the offshore oil and gas sector.

In terms of products/solution, I would like you to pay special attention to our ULS (UniPiSe Liner System) High Temp, Safe Coat – and Heavy Duty products/solutions which we believe can offer a competitive solution to alternative products/solutions in many applications and industries.

As the offshore industry is calling for urgent actions to cut cost, new and more innovative solutions are necessary on a whole range of areas in order for this industry to thrive again. Our in-depth knowledge and our ability to find the right solutions for specific requirements make us unique in this industry.